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Genomic Physics


The Genophysique (Genomic Physics) group combines tools from theoretical physics (statistical mechanics, soft condensed matter, hydrodynamics), to study biological questions concerning genomes and the cells that carry them. We favor a bottom-up approach where simple models are gradually constructed from data analysis and experiments.

One of the main questions we are focusing on is how bacteria compute patterns of active genes in response to stimuli and cues using both the specific chemical binding of specialized proteins (the "regulatory network") and the physical organization of the bacterial genome as a complex polymer. We also study the architecture and evolution of regulatory networks, quantitative descriptions of bacterial growth, and the laws that determine the partitioning of genomes into functional and evolutionary elements.

Selected Publications
Scolari VF, Cosentino Lagomarsino M.
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Javer A, Long Z, Nugent E, Grisi M, Siriwatwetchakul K, Dorfman KD, Cicuta P, Cosentino Lagomarsino M.
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