INTerface Builder

a fast interface computing software.

alt text INTerface Builder (INTBuilder) is a fast, easy-to-use software to compute interfaces between two protein structures. It is designed to retrieve interfaces from the output of docking algorithms where Euler angles are used to define the position of the ligand according to the receptor. INTBuilder directly reads the output format of popular docking software like MAXDo, HEX and ZDOCK as well as a more general format. It identifies an interacting surface at both the residue level and at the atom level.


The INTBuilder package is available here.

System Requirements

  • UNIX platform (Linux/OSX) and a GCC compiler.

Installation and running INTBuilder

  1. Unzip the in the directory of your choice.
  2. Compile the program using the Makefile.
  3. Run the executable ./INTBuilder while providing the correct command-line options (A help menu can be printed with "./INTBuilder -h").


The INTBuilder package has been developed under the CeCILL licence (see LICENCE).


For questions, comments or suggestions feel free to contact ChloƩ Dequeker, Elodie Laine or Alessandra Carbone.