LISA: Local Interaction Signal Analysis

A protein-protein binding affinity estimation software

alt text LISA is an empirical scoring function that estimates the binding affinity between two proteins, given the 3D structure of their complex. LISA provides a fine description of the spatial distribution of favorable and unfavorable contacts on the interacting surface. It achieves a correlation of 0.81 on 125 complexes whose binding affinities were experimentally measured with selected reliable technologies. LISA compares favorably with 17 other state-of-the-art functions.


The LISA package is available here.

System Requirements

  • UNIX platform (Linux/OSX) and a GCC compiler.


  1. Uncompress the LISA_1.0.tgz archive in the directory of your choice.
  2. Follow the instructions in the README to install the required dependencies.
  3. Run the executable $LISA_PATH/ on the example input files (see TEST_commands.txt).


The LISA package has been developed under the CeCILL licence (see LICENCE).


For questions, comments or suggestions feel free to contact Elodie Laine or Alessandra Carbone.


If you use LISA, please cite: