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Cells Escape an Operational Mitotic Checkpoint through a Stochastic Process.

TitleCells Escape an Operational Mitotic Checkpoint through a Stochastic Process.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsBonaiuti, P, Chiroli, E, Gross, F, Corno, A, Vernieri, C, tefl, MŠ, Cosentino Lagomarsino, M, Knop, M, Ciliberto, A
JournalCurr Biol
Date Published2018 Jan 08

Improperly attached chromosomes activate the mitotic checkpoint that arrests cell division before anaphase. Cells can maintain an arrest for several hours but eventually will resume proliferation, a process we refer to as adaptation. Whether adapting cells bypass an active block or whether the block has to be removed to resume proliferation is not clear. Likewise, it is not known whether all cells of a genetically homogeneous population are equally capable to adapt. Here, we show that the mitotic checkpoint is operational when yeast cells adapt and that each cell has the same propensity to adapt. Our results are consistent with a model of the mitotic checkpoint where adaptation is driven by random fluctuations of APC/C, the molecular species inhibited by the checkpoint. Our data provide a quantitative framework for understanding how cells overcome a constant stimulus that halts cell cycle progression.

Alternate JournalCurr. Biol.
PubMed ID29249657

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