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Post-doctoral position in MetaOmics reads annotation and network reconstruction : an application to Gut Microbiome

We are advertising a postdoctoral opportunity to work in Sorbonne Université with computer scientists, mathematicians, and physicians on methods of systems biology applied to medicine. This postdoctoral position is joint between the Dept of Computational and Quantitative Biology, UMR7238 UPMC-CNRS and the UMMISCO, UMI209 UPMC-IRD lab (Hôpital la Salpetrière).
The postdoc will work on the functional annotation of metagenomic data of patients, signature discovery, network reconstruction and HPC. For more information on the project, please contact 

The applicant should have a background in computational biology, computer science, physics or statistics and/or machine learning.  Expertise in probabilistic models, motif discovery and an experience in deep learning and dimensionality reduction are a plus. 

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