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Protein structure prediction using bio-inspired algorithm: A review

TitleProtein structure prediction using bio-inspired algorithm: A review
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsKarami, Y, fathy, M, Khakzad, H, Shirazi, H, Arab, S
Conference NameArtificial Intelligence and Signal Processing (AISP), 2012 16th CSI International Symposium on
Date PublishedMay
KeywordsAmino Acid Sequence, Amino Acids, ant colony optimisation, ant colony optimization, bio-computing, bio-inspired algorithm, bioinformatics, computational complexity, computational methods, Computational modeling, evolutionary algorithm, evolutionary algorithms, evolutionary computation, Genetic algorithms, Lattices, Mathematical model, NP-hard problem, particle swarm optimisation, particle swarm optimization, Prediction algorithms, protein tertiary structure prediction, Proteins, PSP problem

One of the main problems in Bioinformatics is the prediction of protein tertiary structure from its amino acid sequence. This problem is computationally complex and belongs to the NP-hard class. Although these years many algorithms and methods have been introduced, this problem is still an open area for research. In this paper we discuss the most important algorithms like evolutionary algorithms, particle swarm or ant colony optimization and computational methods introduced in this field and their challenges.


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