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Evolution and immunology of pathogens

July 15, 2020

The new book "Mathematical modelling of evolution. One-locus and multi-locus theory and recombination" by Igor Rouzine appeared in the Mathematical and Life Science Series of De Gruyter. Chp 1. Thought experiments based on a basic model of stochastic evolution of a single genomic site, with random mutation, directional natural selection, and random genetic drift. Chp 2. more advanced theory for a large number of linked loci. Chp 3. Genetic recombination and advantage of sexual reproduction for adaptation.
These models are directly applicable to both asexual and sexual populations, including virus populations in an animal host and a population of hosts.

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September 10, 2018

The group Evolution and immunology of pathogens ( Rouzine, Pedruzzi, Barlukova) published the article "Evolutionary Footprint of Epistasis" on PLOS Computational Biology.

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