MIReStruC predictions of human structural clusters of miRNAs on hg38




The positions of predicted structural clusters of miRNAs provided in the NAR website of [Mathelier & Carbone 2013] and referring to the hg18 version of the human genome are remapped in the hg38 version. We used the liftOver tool from UCSC to convert the hg18 positions found in to hg38 positions. Note that 4 structural clusters have been removed from the original list following the liftOver process. You can find below the links to download the positions of the structural clusters, the pre-miRNAs, and the miRNAs mapped to the hg38 version of the human genome.


The full set of structural clusters of miRNAs for hg38 can be downloaded here. here.

You can unpack the archive through the command

tar zxvf clusters_chr_hg38.tar.gz


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Last Update May 2014