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This website contains a set of tools and data sets that can be used to analyze the aggregation of a set of genes along the genome coordinate, at different scales of observation. It is based for the moment on the Escherichia coli genome.

It is useful to discover correlations between different sources of data (e.g. expression, binding, or genomic data) and genome organization. It implements most of the analyses performed in ref. (Scolari et al. Molecular BioSystems 7, 878-888 2011) on arbitrary data sets, using a web interface and improved algorithms.

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Vittore F Scolari (
Mina Zarei
Matteo Osella
Marco Cosentino Lagomarsino

NuST: analysis of the interplay between nucleoid organization and gene expression.
Bioinformatics. 2012 Jun 15;28(12):1643-4. doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/bts201

See also
V. F. Scolari, B. Bassetti, B. Sclavi and M. Cosentino Lagomarsino. Gene clusters reflecting macrodomain structure respond to nucleoid perturbations. Molecular BioSystems. 7.3 (2011):878-888. doi: 10.1039/C0MB00213E
M. Zarei, B. Sclavi and M. Cosentino Lagomarsino. Gene silencing and large-scale domain structure of the E. coli genome. Molecular BioSystems. (2013). doi: 10.1039/C3MB25364C

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