Meet-EU is a collaborative course between the universities of the 4EU+ alliance. For the 2021 edition, about 40 students from Charles University, Heidelberg University, Sorbonne University and the University of Warsaw have enrolled in this adventure!


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Subject: The topic of the course deals with the inferrence of chromatin organization from Hi-C data. The students conceived, designed, developed, tested and validated a computational program to predict compartments and topologically associating domains (TAD) starting from Hi-C matrices. The latter come from different cell types and display different resolutions.

Open questions: How does the resolution influence compartment detection? Can we improve TAD detection using epigenetic marks? Can we define more than two compartments? Can we define a classification of TADs?

Expected product: Each team is in charge of one of the two tasks, either compartment detection or TAD detection. The teams pair up halfway through the project and have to critically assess the results of their partner team.

Jury members : B. Moindrot (I2BC, U. Paris-Sud), J. Mozziconacci (MNHN, Paris), A. Pekowska (Nencki Institute, Warsaw), N. Servant (Institut Curie, Paris).

Students curriculum : Bioinformatics@CharlesUni, Biotechnology@UniHeidelberg, BIM@SU, and Bioinformatics and System biology@UniWarsaw.

Teachers (non-exhaustive list): J. Bernardes@SU, L. Carron@SU (main cooker of this year's subject!), C. Herrmann@UniHeidelberg, E. Laine@SU, M. Novotny@CharlesUni and B. Wilczynski@UniWarsaw.

Symposium: It will take place on the 25th of January 2021, and will be a fully virtual event. Check out the program and register!

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