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Postdoctoral position available in the "Analytical Genomics" team. Find here the description.

A 2-year postdoctoral fellowship is open to develop new computational methods leading to the reconstruction of the protein mutational phenotypic landscapes and the evaluation of protein mutations in multimeric proteins.

Computational approaches developed in this "proof of concept" project should be transferable to all the genes involved in genetic diseases for which functional assays exist or can be designed.

A postdoctoral position in telomere, DNA damage response and genome instability is available in the "Telomere and Genome Stability" team. Find here the description."

A two-years position as Engineer in bioinformatics is open in the "Synthetic and Systems Biology of Microalgae" team.
Find here the description

Internships in wet lab or in the theory/computational section
Bachelor and Master students in search for an internship can send an email to  Fabienne Velter (Tel +33(0)1 )
Please specify the groups / section that you are interested in.

If you are interested in applying for a postdoc or a PhD with a specific group please contact the group leader of that group.

Open Positions