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iBIS2Analyzer is a web server dedicated to a phylogeny-driven coevolution analysis of protein families with different evolutionary pressure. It is based on the iterative version, iBIS2, of the coevolution analysis method BIS, Blocks in Sequences. iBIS2 is designed to iteratively select and analyse subtrees in phylogenetic trees, possibly large and comprising thousands of sequences.

MUM&Co is a bash script that uses Whole Genome Alignment information provided by MUMmer (v3 and v4) to detect structural variations including deletions, insertions, reciprocal translocations and inversions.

A tool to detect clusters of the coevolving positions in a multiple sequence alignment of highly conserved protein sequences

Coevolution in OVerlapped sequences by Tree analysis (COVTree) is a web server providing the online analysis of coevolving amino-acid pairs in overlapping genes, where residues might be located inside or outside the overlapping region.

A method to identify highly sensitive residues and predicts deleterious mutations.


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