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A tool to find microRNA structural clusters at genome scale and from deep sequencing data.

A tool for the analysis of the coevolution of amino-acid fragments in proteins, and for the identification of their networks.

Set of tools and data sets that can be used to analyze the aggregation of a set of genes along the genome coordinate, at different scales of observation. It is based for the moment on the Escherichia coli genome. 

CLAG (for CLusters AGgregation) is an unsupervised non hierarchical clustering algorithm.

Direct Coupling Analysis (DCA) is a statistical inference framework used to infer direct co-evolutionary couplings among residue pairs in  multiple sequence alignments. A recent formulation of DCA termed mean field DCA (mfDCA), provides the computational power to apply this tool in a high throughput manner to a number of protein and domain families. mfDCA was able to uncover a large number of native intra-domain and inter-domain residue-residue contacts in many domain families.


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