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BIS2Analyzer: a server for coevolution analysis of conserved protein families

TitleBIS2Analyzer: a server for coevolution analysis of conserved protein families
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsOteri, F, Nadalin, F, Champeimont, R, Carbone, A*
JournalNucleic Acids Research
Date Published05/2017

Along protein sequences, co-evolution analysis identifies residue pairs demonstrating either a specific co-adaptation, where changes in one of the residues are compensated by changes in the other during evolution or a less specific external force that affects the evolutionary rates of both residues in a similar magnitude. In both cases, independently of the underlying cause, co-evolutionary signatures within or between proteins serve as markers of physical interactions and/or functional relationships. Depending on the type of protein under study, the set of available homologous sequences may greatly differ in size and amino acid variability. BIS2Analyzer, openly accessible at, is a web server providing the online analysis of co-evolving amino-acid pairs in protein alignments, especially designed for vertebrate and viral protein families, which typically display a small number of highly similar sequences. It is based on BIS2, a re-implemented fast version of the co-evolution analysis tool Blocks in Sequences (BIS). BIS2Analyzer provides a rich and interactive graphical interface to ease biological interpretation of the results.


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