The Laboratory of Computational and Quantitative Biology (LCQB), headed by A. Carbone, is an interdisciplinary laboratory working at the interface between biology and quantitative sciences. It is built to promote a balanced interaction of theoretical and experimental approaches in biology and to foster the definition of new experimental questions, data analysis and modeling of biological phenomena. Our projects address questions on biological structures and processes through the gathering of experimental measures, the in silico generation of new biological data that remain inaccessible to experiments today (modeling of biological systems), the development of statistical methods for data analysis, and the conception of original algorithms aimed to predictions. The lab is supported by the CNRS and the University "Sorbonne Université".


January 30, 2013

The Direct Coupling Analysis - - website is online now! It offers information on DCA and downloadable software. A DCA webservice will follow soon.

October 25-26, 2012

The 2nd Cross Disciplinary Genomics meeting "From genome to ecosystem" will be held at UPMC, in the Jussieu Campus.

There is no participation fee but registration is required.


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